European Health Conference

17 April 2018 – 21 April 2018 all-day
Rin Grand Hotel
Bloc 1
Șoseaua Vitan-Bârzești 7D, București 042121
Adventist Health Ministries
European Health Conference @ Rin Grand Hotel | București | Municipiul București | Roemenië

Claiming over 60% of all deaths, non-communicable diseases are currently the world’s main killer and people affected by mental health conditions, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes will increase substantially in the coming decades. Macroeconomic simulations also suggest that the global cost of Lifestyle Diseases will be around $47 Trillion by 2030!

Modern medicine with its technology and continually emerging new medications will not be able to impede and overcome the great hazards of a poor lifestyle. An answer to Lifestyle related diseases is Lifestyle Medicine, the branch of medicine which seeks to get to the root cause of the disease.

At the European Health Conference 2018, we will share practical and evidence-based studies showing how, in many cases, these diseases can be successfully treated and reversed through Lifestyle interventions.

Some medical topics to be addressed:

– How lifestyle overrides the genes
– The science of reversing type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention
– Lifestyle Medicine in oncology
– Exercise as medicine
– The role of emotions in reversing chronic diseases
– Controlling High blood pressure without medications
– Reversing Depression
– Understanding the causes and cures for auto-immune diseases
– Resetting your clock with nutrition
– Reversing the incidence and progression of dementia
– Whole person care

Topics on wholistic health include:

– Whole Person Care
– Healing in the Bible
– Behavior change is possible
– Harvard, Daniel 2 and prayer
– Healing body, mind & spirit
– Psychological Interventions from Matthew 6
– Mental Health & spirituality
– Serving individuals and communities
– The healing role of balanced, healthful living
– and much more

Who should attend?

Medical doctors, dentists, nurses, dieticians, physical therapists, pastors and other spiritual care providers, chaplains, health educators, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, students in any of these fields, administrators of health and spiritual care institutions, other health care providers and everyone interested in health care.

Attached a PowerPoint with more information.

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