Famous Adventist Choir Director in Belgium

On different dates in january and february 2019 shall Ken Burton direct the Vlaams Radio Koor (Flemish Radio Choir) in Belgium. Ken Bruton became famous with his choir the “London Adventist Chorale”, with which he even preformed in front of the British queen. In England Burton is seen as the…

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New Treasurer for the South of France

At the last General Assembly of the Franco-Belgian Union, the treasurer of the South France Conference (FFS), Philippe Aurouze, was appointed treasurer of the Union. During the last General Assembly of the conference in May 2018 in Arles, France, many posts remained vacant, including the position of the treasurer. In…

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Sabbath of the Union

A new production for the fifth time, what we have come to call “Sabbath of the Union”. Since 2015 this Sabbath exists and for 2019 this video can be shown on the 12 January 2019. The theme is evangelisation. The four presidents and various members of the church, through a…

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10 Days of Prayer

Welcome to Ten Days of Prayer 2019! We are so thankful that we can start this year with prayer. God has worked many miracles in past years as we have sought Him in prayer and fasting. The Holy Spirit has wrought revival, conversions, renewed passion for evangelism, and healed relationships. Truly, prayer is the birthplace of revival! We believe your life and the lives of those you pray for will be changed as you join fellow church members in praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, whom the Father has promised to give to those who ask Him. Our Prayer Theme: A Deeper Experience During Ten Days of Prayer 2019, we will look at how to have a deeper, richer Christian experience. Whether new believers or longtime church members, we all need to have a fresh, daily encounter with Jesus. This series features real-life lessons, Bible promises, and encouraging Spirit of Prophecy quotes to strengthen our daily walk with Christ. We read about the early believers: “The Corinthian believers needed a deeper experience in the things of God. They did not know fully what it meant to behold His glory and to be changed from character to character. They had seen but the first rays of the early dawn of that glory. Paul’s desire for them was that they might be filled with all the fullness of God, following on to know Him whose going forth is prepared as the morning, and continuing to learn of Him until they should come into the full noontide of a perfect gospel faith” (Acts of the Apostles, pp. 307, 308). We pray that this prayer focus will help us develop a deep, abiding relationship with Jesus until we “come into the full noontide of a perfect gospel faith” and fully reflect His character of love. You can download all the material for the 10 days of prayer here.