New Treasurer for the South of France

Officers of the South France Conference: Jean-Odnel Ulysse, Daniel Monachini, Philippe Anquetil

At the last General Assembly of the Franco-Belgian Union, the treasurer of the South France Conference (FFS), Philippe Aurouze, was appointed treasurer of the Union. During the last General Assembly of the conference in May 2018 in Arles, France, many posts remained vacant, including the position of the treasurer. In a letter of 7 December 2018 by the conference president, Daniel Monachini, the good news was communicated that all posts, including the one of the treasurer, have been provided.

For the post of treasurer, the federation board decided to appoint Jean-Odnel Ulysse, after he had responded positively to the call of the FFS and the territory where he worked (Guyana Mission) had accepted his departure.

Jean-Odnel holds a degree in accounting and financial studies obtained after a university course at Saint-Étienne, Lyon, Paris and the United Kingdom. He worked seven years in Paris in various accounting firms and auditors, as well as different companies. He responded to a call from the Guyana Conference, where he served as vice-treasurer and treasurer of various
Adventist institutions. At the same time, he actively engaged in various spiritual services to churches.

The South France Conference is pleased with the arrival of Jean-Odnel and his wife Magalie. They hope that they will feel at home in the Conference.

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