A Spring dedicated to Youth

The beginning of spring was marked by two events for our Youth.

From 22 to 24 March, about twenty youth animators gathered for a training weekend at “Domaine de Mozet” in the Namur region. The AJ-Staff opted for the theme ‘The treasure hunt: understanding the mechanisms and challenges’. In a treasure hunt, a route is laid out for the children to follow, divided into small groups called patrols. The route is marked by posts and challenges that reinforce the chosen theme.

To put theory into practice, trainees went in pairs to explore the beautiful region to find a route suited to the age of the participants and interesting points where a post with a unique challenge could be organized. The exercise is more complicated than it seems, because many parameters must be taken into account, such as the configuration of the terrain, safety, the theme, the players’ skills, timing and weather…

For a cheerful atmosphere and to make learning fun, the organizers had designed an evening full of challenges so that everyone could have fun while making the most of their skills and knowledge.

The youth animators returned to their local groups with a couple of extra strings on their animation bow. The enthusiasm they showed during the weekend will without a doubt be their greatest asset.


Over the Easter weekend, some 30 young Belgians traveled to Montluçon, in central France, to meet 1,400 other young people from France and Switzerland. This congress for young people aged 16 to 35, called “Impact,” has been existing for many years, but this 2024 edition was particularly successful.

The chosen theme was “Look beyond,” an invitation to young people to look beyond appearances, beyond first impressions, beyond the surface.  The spiritual guest, Leo Lopez, captivated the audience especially with his accent and humor, but above all with his authenticity and his relevant, genuine words.

During the weekend, the youth also enjoyed some highlights of worship and sports, in addition to a fun-filled evening of entertainment. There were over twenty workshops on biblical, faith and social themes, which were a great success and were attended by young people who were looking for answers and, above all, food for thought.

The next edition will take place at the same location on the Easter weekend of 2026.

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