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The Youth Departement of the church coordinates the Advent Youth (AJ/JA), an organisation where not just youth from our own church is welcome, but the door is open for everyone, without regard of culture, religion or philosophical conviction, in a spirit of respect for each individual uniqueness.

The AY is directed by the AY-staff:

  • Philippe Leduc – Youth Director
  • Valérie Ballieux – Secretary
  • Dorel Batrinu – President asbl Jeunesse Adventiste (JA)
  • Thimna Simon – Secretary asbl JA
  • Victor Lienard – Treasurer asbl JA
  • Egide Izere – Member asbl JA / AMiCUS
  • Louis-Guy Meersseman – President vzw Adventjeugd (AJ)
  • Naomi Segers – Secretary vzw AJ
  • Ruben Goetschalckx – Treasurer vzw AJ
  • Timothy Geeroms – Member vzw AJ

As of 2007 the Advent Youth has an official lawfull form by establishing in the two languages of the country an association, the vzw Adventjeugd for Flanders and asbl Jeunesse Adventiste for the French Community.

The youth work has been organised in four different age groups: Buds, Sparks, Explorers and Companions.


Age 7 – 11 years. The accent is on sports and games, but also contact with nature and crafts, where the spiritual element is the basis.



Age 12 – 16 years. As the name indicates, we want to stimulate curiosity with this age group. That is the case for many different aspects of daily live. The encounter with nature, but also the exploration of the road that leads to Jesus.



Age 16 ~ 21 years. Besides the elements that are part of the Adventurers and Pathfinders, the emphasis with the Ambassadeurs is mainly on getting experience with “witnessing” of ones faith.


Compagnons / Master-Guide

Age: From 17 years old. In addition to the interests present in the Tisons and Explorers, the Companions emphasize preparation for the “testimony” of faith and the pursuit of qualifications leading to the position of Master-Guide.

For more information you can go to the website of the Advent Youth:


AMiCUS / Student Ministry: A place for…


  • CONNECT: We strive to connect students with their peers, their church and their community.
  • THINK: We encourage students to develop an inquisitive mind and think for themselves.
  • RECONNECT WITH JESUS: We want to help students connect with Jesus and grow in a closer relationship with him.
  • BE: We seek to help students become the best human being they can be.
  • ACT: We call students to be proactive in making a positive impact on the lives of people and their community, and to discover their sense of mission.

For more information:

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