Bible Enigma Results

The winning team, Brussels

After 17 years of Bible Engimas, what can still be said? Each year it brings together more than 250 seasoned groups in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Everyone knows the principle by now: answer biblical questions, use the letters to form a riddle. Then find the solution to this riddle and call the federation, if possible before the other teams.

If you tell it like that, it’s nothing special anymore. And yet, a testimony gives this version a special taste in 2019. Indeed, this game is recognized by most as a pleasant moment or an opportunity to discover new things in the Bible. It can also be a great tool for team building and getting acquainted. For example, there were some who visited one of our churches and participated, they became part of the group in a very natural way. “The Enigma” is therefore a cement that promotes integration and allows everyone to participate. Especially because even if the knowledge of the Bible is not the same for everyone, the linguistic aspect or the computer knowledge still remains and that might just be the strengths of a visitor. Add a cozy atmosphere, team spirit and sweets to reward the efforts made, and you have the perfect recipe for a successful afternoon.

Let us not forget to congratulate the winners and of course the young people and the children, who shone despite the difficult questionnaires. Special mention for the church of Mouscron which after years has finally been rewarded by finding the right answer. Thanks also to the designers of the riddles and the translators for their dedication and creativity.

Take note of January 25, 2020 for a new riddle and a new formula that is even more fun!

Here is the official ranking in our federation:

Adults French:

  1. Namur – 16:41 hrs
  2. Woluwe – 16:42 hrs
  3. Thulin – 16:47 hrs
  4. Mouscron – 17:26 hrs
  5. Liège – 17:38 hrs
  6. Brussels Center – 17:39 hrs
  7. Bizet Hispanophone – 17:40 hrs

Adults Dutch:

  1. Brussels – 16:10 hrs
  2. Brugge – 16:32 hrs

Children French:

  1. Brussels Center/Woluwe/African Francophone – 16:16 hrs
  2. Liège – 16:71 hrs
  3. Namur – 16:49 hrs
  4. Thulin – 16:55 hrs
  5. Esch (Luxembourg) – 17:18 hrs

Youth French:

  1. Bizet Hispanophone – 16:27 hrs
  2. Brussels Center/Woluwe/African Francophone – 16:37 hrs
  3. Thulin – 16:51 hrs

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