Brussels Sings

On October 5th, the churches of the Brussels region had a great time participating in “Brussels sings”. This meeting, a first in Belgium, brought together more than 150 people in the premises of Ernest Allard Street. The basic concept was to bring together the different Adventist communities of Brussels to share together a moment of singing and praise to the glory of God. Through traditional but powerful hymns accompanied by talented musicians, the assembly was able to express its joy at being together and praising God.

Despite the musical imperfections or stammering when it came to singing in an unknown language, only the music that came from the heart counted. A thrill of emotion went through the assembly during the last song where, beyond linguistic barriers and differences of culture, hands and voices united for the glory of our Lord. Does not the Bible remind us that God is holy and sits among the praises of Israel (Psalm 22: 4)?

A special thanks to Martine Segers and Adina Butnaru who, with wisdom, dedication and talent, set up this program and managed the organization in every detail. In view of the smiles on the faces at the end of the afternoon, there is no doubt, the next edition is eagerly awaited!

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