Communication & Public Affairs

PARL-01Communication has become increasingly important. There are two important subterrains: internal communication and contacts with the government, other churches and the press.

Communication is not just using the latest modern technology, but it is more an attitude. The church should do everything in its effort to inform everyone in the church and that it should be possible for everyone to know what the church, in all its aspects, is up to. The committees should ensure transparency.

The website of the Conference is an important aspect of both internal and external communication. One of the goals of the Conference is to keep this site as good as possible up to date and accurate. Information for the calendar and news items can be sent to .

Public Affairs, Religious Liberty and Ecumenical issues.

The Belgian-Luxembourg Conference maintains friendly contact with different religious institutions and churches. She sents representatives to important and relevant meetings of the VPKB/EPUB (United Protestant Church in Belgium).

The Conference also closely watches different developments in society and decisions of the governement that have an influence on church and religion. And where and when necessary addresses issues that have a negative impact on the religious freedom of any member of society. Persons and institutions can ask for advice and support if they feel their religious liberties have been violated. The Conference is so much committed to the defence of religious liberty that she has created an Association for the Defence of Religious Liberty. Together with other associations, this assocation is part of an International Association with representatives at the European Union and the United Nations.

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