Conference office effectively closed

In addition to the Conference advising all churches to close its doors and to cancel or suspend all meetings as much as possible, the office can effectively only be reached by telephone and email. Federation personnel have been asked to stay at home and work remotely. In recent years, investments have been made in a good internet connection and the possible technologies to access the network and various files. The office does not close completely to still be able to process the mail.

The Conference has also started conducting all its meetings online. For example, the last board meeting was conducted entirely online and the upcoming meeting with the pastors was also planned online. “It requires a slightly different way of meeting and it does not have the same dynamics, but for an emergency solution it is very effective,” said Jeroen Tuinstra, President of the Conference.

The Conference keeps a close eye on developments and reports regarding the Corona virus. Together with her pastors and elders, she tries to guarantee the most important elements of church life. Through online church services, telephone contact with older members, new technologies, online resources, etc.

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