Evangelism Conferences

Evangelism conferences, from Friday evening November 29 to Sunday December 1, 2024, co-organized by the Adventist Faculty of Theology and the Centre José-Figols, the French-Belgian Union, the France-South Federation, the France-North Federation, the Belgian-Luxembourg Federation, the French-speaking Swiss and Ticino Federation are organizing an event to be held in Collonges to assess the various conceptions and approaches to evangelism in the “French-speaking European Adventist community” through the broadest possible analysis, in line with the realities on the ground. This assessment will be based on preliminary studies, presented briefly, followed by objective, critical and constructive discussions and workshops in small or large groups. The aim is to promote and encourage the missionality of the Church, and lead to new ways of practice.

Each church will be invited to take part in these evangelism conferences: the pastor and one or two people in charge of evangelism or leaders/elders with a heart for mission.

Attention : this session will be held in French.


Nov 29 2024 - Dec 01 2024
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