fz_mod_viesante_logo_fr_cropped_small1Health has always played an important role in Seventh-day Adventism. Adventists watch carefully what they eat, they avoid certain meat and fish types and a significant number of Adventist are vegetarian. Adventists don’t smoke and in general do not consume alcohol. To further promote healthful living we have established a department of health and an association (league) Vie et Santé (Health and Living). Both are in close cooperation with each other.

The association is focused on human well-being by promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle. The activities of the association have as its purpose to increase awareness among the public of the importance of good hygiene. By giving people concrete advice and means with which they can improve their daily health, the association hopes to give a positive contribution to the well-being of people. As many other associations, Vie et Santé has grown out of a religieus movement. The association, however, is neutral and takes a distance from relgious evangelisation.

Goals of the association and the health department are:

  • Information campaigns and activities to create awareness among people of different health themes (food, exercise, well-being, etc.)
  • organising “5-day plans.” These are meetings where people are supported in quiting smoking
  • organising  of “Expo Health.” These are interactive exhibitions voor adults as well as children around a health theme
  • supporting and cooperating with other organisations with similar goals

The association has its own website: (French or Dutch) en the director of the departement is Violeta Tudor ().


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