New team at the FFN

From May 9 to 15, 2021, the North France Federation (FFN) had its General Assembly. During this week, due to the current sanitary measures, the delegates representing all the churches of the federation met via Zoom, while the speakers were at “La maison de l’Esperance”, which had been transformed into a video set for the occasion.

The general assembly of the FFN was an opportunity to take stock of the past four years.
The various department heads presented the results of their work and their recommendations for the next term of office. The delegates were able to validate or sanction on their own the various reports presented.

The Nominating Committee was able to present to the delegates representing all the churches of our federation a proposal for those responsible for the upcoming mandate (2021-2025). The different names proposed were validated by a vote of the delegates.

New Administrators of the FFN

  • President: Jean-Jack CHAFOGRACK
  • General Secretary: Eddy CARNEVA
  • Treasurer: Karine ELOIDIN

New departemental and ministries leaders of the FFN

  • Associate treasurer: Erwin KESTNER
  • Ministerial Association director: Gérard PEROUMAL
  • Education and Youth director: Stéphane EUCHARIS
  • Evangelisation director: Emil LAZAR
  • Communication director: Emanuel BAN
  • Health department: Jean-Baptiste MIKALA
  • Adult Catechesis department: Gaston FERNOC
  • Stewardship: Erwin KESTNER
  • Education department: Matthieu FURY
  • Family ministries: Roméo MIANDY

The FFN is a sister federation of the Belgian-Luxembourg Federation and together with the South France Federation they form the Franco-Belgian Union.

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