Other Protestant Churches (VPKB/EPUB)

Seventh-day Adventist strive to maintain good ties with other Christians, in particular with Protestant communities with which she has an affiliation. In general there is a big hesitation to join ecumenical organisations, because Adventists want to express their uniqueness and their particular view of their assignement as church. The way Adventists have their relationships with other churches and movements differs per region and depends on the local circumstances.

In Belgium the Adventist Church has decided to have a cooperative relationship with the United Protestant Church in Belgium (Verenigde Protestantse Kerk in Belgie VPKB/l’Église Protestante Unie de Belgique EPUB). Together with a number of other Belgian churches (Union of Baptists in Belgium, Association “Vie e Lumière”, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Salvation Army, Free Methodist Church in Belgium) the Belgian-Luxembourg Conference has the status of “partner church” of the VPKB/EPUB. This relationship is important especially to have a common Protestant voice, in particular related to government issues.

The website of the VPKB/EPUB

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