Our origins

During the thirties and fourties of the nineteenth century tremendous revivals toke place in the Protestant churches of the north-east of the United States. They were accompanied with a profound interest in the prophetic parts  of the Bible.

The Advent movement of the years 1830-40 was an extension from those revivals. William Miller played a crucial role from about 1832. He was slowely convinced that Christ would return to earth in 1843 or 1844. That prediction, as many of such predictions, remained unfullfilled. On of the groups from his movement (which consisted of many different denominations) remained, after thet  prediction horribly failed, decided to continuing studying the Bible. Amongst them were the founders of Seventh-day Adventism.

Origins and history of the Adventist Church in Belgium

In 1897 C. Augsburger, the first french speaking adventist missionary, came from Switzerland to Belgium. He settled in Angleur, not far away from Liège. He was quickly accompanied by C. Grin. Their work resulted in several families that took the decision to become Adventist. A baptism took place and the first small Adventist church could be organized in Jemeppe, a suburb of Liège. In the following years small groups of Adventists started in Brussels, Charleroi and Namur.

From 1904 onwards activities started in the Flemish part of the country, especially in Antwerp. The pioneer, whose name has been connected to this works, was R. G. Klingbeil.

In the early years the small Belgian Adventist Church recided organisationally with the church abroad. In 1919 there came more or less independence when the Conference was organized  with 257 members, under the direction of pastor J. Wibbens.

In 1929 the building in the rue Ernest Allard, Brussels was purchased, where the offices of the Conference for Belgium were housed as well as a Dutch speaking and French speaking church.

The church grew slowly but surely. At the end of 1940 there were 15 churches and a membership of 624. In 1967 the church in Luxembourg was administratively connected to the church in Belgium. At this moment there are about 2.500 baptised Adventists in the “Belgian-Luxembourg Conference”

(For more information about the history of the Adventist Church in Belgium: 100 years Adventist Church in Belgium)

Origin and history of the Adventist church in Luxembourg

The beginnings of Adventism in Luxembourg is of a more recent date than that of Belgium. The first Adventist pioneer (in 1924) who worked in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was Charles Kramm, who came from the Elzas. There were little successes from his work, several baptisms took place between 1926 and 1929, however the foundation of a church did not take place yet.

New efforts were made to introduce Adventism in Luxembourg in 1950 and 1960. In 1971 the first church community was started with 13 members by pastor Marc Cools. Now there are about 150 members in two churches.

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