Fede-Info October 2016

The Fede-Info of October 2016. In this issue a report of the General Assembly on the 12th of june 2016. An interview with Mihai Morcov, chaplain in the prison of Vorst, Brussels. An introduction of the new ADRA country director, Jonathan Lo Buglio. Reports of two special baptisms in the churches of Esch, Luxembourg and the Romanian church in Brussels. Reports of the summer camps of Adventist Youth, including the Union Camporee. And off course much more.

The Fede-Info is a news bulletin of the Conference and is published about 3 times a year. It is only published in French or Dutch. You can obtain a printed copy via the secretary of your local church.

Fede-Info oktober 2016 – Dutch
Fédé-Info octobre 2016 – French

Together Church, Together Strong

John Sanches

On Sabbath the 8th of October the spiritual congress for all Dutch-speaking Adventists was organised in Hasselt. Adventists travelled from all over the country to the cultural centre in Hasselt. The church of Hasselt welcomed everyone, after which the children and youth had their own programme during the day and…

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28 Fundamental Beliefs

This document lists the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church. It is an important document, yet it is not a document that cannot be changed. New insights can lead to a different way of expressing what we belief, yet not without the growth of a wide consencus and not without the world church deciding to do so in a meeting with representatives of the whole world present.

28 Fundamental Beliefs