Message from the General Conference President

My best fraternal greetings, as well as my encouragement to all our dear members of the territory of the Franco-Belgian Union. We live in the times that precede the return of Christ. What a privilege to participate in the proclamation of the Three Angels’ message of Revelation 14, even in…

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General Conference Session postponed

The Executive Committee (Excom) of the General Conference decided on March 19 to postpone the upcoming session to May 2021. During a special meeting with all board members from all over the world via teleconferencimg, a proposal from the administrative committee (AdCom) was discussed. The General Conference Session was originally…

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Fede-Info March 2020

While our territory is moving towards an increasingly marked containment, it is important to keep the link that unites us and to continue to inform you of the events that have marked our Conference in recent months. Thus, this edition of Fede-Info will return to the New Year’s reception and the challenging and noticed speech of our president, Jeroen Tuinstra. But this March edition will also pay tribute to two endearing personalities who left us at the end of 2019: Jean Geeroms and Josiane Branche-Jeurissen. You will also find a point on the financial situation and the budget presented by our treasurer, Christian Sabot, as well as on the last appointments made by the Conference board, in particular the various commissions and certain heads of departments. As usual, Fede-Info will also review the activities of the Poles, departments and ADRA, without forgetting the dynamism of our local churches.

Fede-Info maart 2020 (Dutch edition)

Fédé-Info mars 2020 (French edition)


Conference office effectively closed

In addition to the Conference advising all churches to close its doors and to cancel or suspend all meetings as much as possible, the office can effectively only be reached by telephone and email. Federation personnel have been asked to stay at home and work remotely. In recent years, investments…

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