Revieuw of the Financial meeting

On June 16, we held our Annual Financial Meeting, an opportunity to take a closer look at our Federation’s accounting situation.

After navigating the many traffic obstacles to reach the center of Brussels, around a hundred delegates were able to take a moment to reflect thanks to Karine Eloidin, treasurer of the French-Belgian Union.

Karine spoke of Martin Luther King’s journey, his dream and his speech, which went beyond words to touch people’s hearts. She encouraged us to remain authentic in our words, to move forward together even if it takes time, even if it’s difficult. And above all, not to stop dreaming, to hold on to our dream and set out to make it come true.

After this encouraging welcome, Christian Sabot, Treasurer of our Federation, took over for the more formal part of the meeting, chaired by Ruben de Abreu, President of the French-Belgian Union.

Christian first took the time to give a short didactic talk for those less experienced in accounting, before presenting our Federation’s accounts.

The role of a treasurer is multifaceted. First and foremost, he collects dimes and offerings from local churches. His task is then, in accordance with the operating rules of the worldwide Church, to transfer part of them back to the relevant bodies (the FBU, the Salève Campus…) and to distribute the remainder according to need. Dimes are mainly used to pay employees and cover the operating costs of the Federation, the poles and the departments.

This brief description is of course followed by hundreds of accounting entries, as many receipts and data entries, not forgetting the many e-mails and telephone calls to collect the information, documents and payments essential to good bookkeeping.

And that’s not all. Another important and time-consuming part of the treasurer’s job is managing the Federation’s real estate assets. Between the management of tenants, leaks or damage, requests for logistical and financial support from local churches, the search for service providers and work, the sale or purchase of new buildings…, there’s no shortage of work!

Counting the Federation, Youth, the buildings and a number of non-profit organizations that gravitate around the Federation, Christian manages no fewer than 7 different accounts.

But a treasurer is also an administrator. He contributes his expertise and advice at work meetings, AdComs (restricted committees), ExComs (federation committees), and other meetings with various bodies such as the Union…

For over 28 years, Christian Sabot has carried out this work with dedication, competence and reliability, as also attested by the GCAS, the General Conference’s auditing body. He is also at the service of our local treasurers, whom we would also like to thank for their involvement in this process.

It’s worth noting that Christian’s report was unanimously adopted at this financial meeting. Finances are important, but they are only one of the means deployed in the service of the Mission. Our special thanks go to Christian for his active and much-appreciated participation in the Mission field.

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