Sabbath of the Union

How to prepare in the churches:

As usual you make the order of service (doxology, welcome, hymns, etc.) Its with the moment of preaching that there is a change. In stead of someone visible preaching the sermon, you project the video on a large screen (the length of the video is 34 minutes).

To help you out:

It is best to use a laptop and video projector where the video has already been downloaded (your church probably has already a video projection installation). Here you can download the different versions.

Playback with subtitles

We recommend VLC-player to playback the files with subtitles. VLC is a media player which support almost all formats and works very well with subtitles. You can select the right subtitles in the menu “subtitles”, see here. Here you can download the VLC-player:

2024 edition:
Sabbath of the Union in French (with English, Dutch and Russian subtitles. SP, PT, RO, LU, UA and FR also available)

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