Slowly but surely

Last year, the federal team had to deal with a major upheaval, both in terms of administrators and in terms of those responsible for the Pillars. Ley figures have given way to new enthusiastic and dedicated leaders, but who were a little helpless in light of the magnitude of the task. This explains amongs other things the hibernation that this website has gone through.

But there is good news ! Slowly but surely, things are moving forward.

Firstly, department leaders have been appointed or reappointed :

– Yvonne Ajinça Briand re-takes devotedly and enthusiastically the charge of the Women’s Ministry Department.

Violeta Tudor will continue to lead the Health Ministry Department. A trainig is planned in the month of april – See calendar.

Inge Pollin is full of new projects for the ESDA Department, which has become in the meantime Woord van Hoop.

Felipe-Daniel Delgado is a newcomer and takes charge of IEBC.

Inge and Felipe are eagerly waiting for the opening of the new website to manage and promote Bible courses by correspondence.

Mihai Tomescu als joins the team with his technical skills.

Other departments remain orphans for the time being,  such as the Children Ministry, the Ministry for Special Needs, Religious Liberty of Conscience… Finding people of goodwill who are competent and motivated is far from easy. Please feel free to let us know if you would like to help out.

At the level of the administrators and the Federation Board, things are also falling into place. Things are being one by one reopend , which certainly does not mean that the solutions are simple and immediate.

One of the projects that will unfortunately not take place this autumn is the spiritual congress. It is the rental of a hall as well as financially as well as in terms of availability that is problematic. We certainly do not despair and believe that we will find a solution by October 2025.

Thank you for supporting the team through your prayers and thoughts. See you soon for more news.

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