Spiritual Congres Luxembourg

It was at Echternach’s youth hostel on the lake side that the Luxembourg Adventist spiritual congress took place on 5 October. The sports hall converted into a place of worship for the occasion was filled with nearly 250 brothers and sisters from Luxembourg and Belgium but also from neighboring France and Germany.

John Graz, former director of the Department of Religious Liberty at the General Conference, Marc Brimeyer, elder of the church in Mersch

John Graz, who was responsible for the department of Religious freedom for 20 years at the General Conference, was the spiritual guest. In his preaching, he brought our reflection on the important theme of “Truth or Freedom? Should we defend freedom for the enemies of the truth?” In fact, truth and freedom go hand in hand and can not be dissociated in the proclamation of the Gospel. Can we force someone to believe?

Previously, Patrick Victor, director of the Portes Ouvertes association and Marc Moretti, the regional manager, presented the activities of their organization, which set itself the goal of identifying the persecution of Christians around the world. Numbers and strong testimonies passed the revue making everyone aware of how privileged we were to still have religious freedom in our Western countries.

After the lunch break, John Graz completed the open doors, explaining “Why are Christians being persecuted in today’s world? “. Taking the example of Asia Bibi, the young Pakistani woman who had been accused of blasphemy in her country, he showed how much the work of the defense of religious freedom was a constant effort to pursue and an important axis for the church and her mission in the world.

Congrès du Luxembourg

Romanian choir from Brussels “Echo Céleste”

In the mini-concert that followed, the Romanian choir of Burssels “Echo Céleste” literally transported us by its melodious songs as a foretaste of heaven.

This day was blessed: despite the gray weather, the rain had spared us. And it is with a happy heart that the thanks were addressed to the guests of the day of course, but also to all those who, in the shadows, contributed to the success of this beautiful day, especially the teams that took care of children in the morning and afternoon.

And to put an end to the congress, the whole assembly rose up to sing, united in one voice and each one in its own language, the hymn “In all our hearts burn this hope of the return of our Lord”, as a multicolored and multi-sound prayer addressed to our God.

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