Training & Mission

This department is twofold, it coordinates the different training programmes the Conference has and it coordinates the different evangelism and mission programmes. The main focus is training. The Adventist church believes in the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:5), where every member can contribute to the live and development of the church. Adventists also believe that every person receives gifts from the Holy Spirit to build up and strengthen the local congregation (1 Corinthians 12:4-7). This departement has the responsibility to train and equip the members to be able to use their spiritual gifts.

This is done through one-day training sessions or weekends. Many experts are invited to present different aspects of the work members have been elected to (for example elders and deacons) or of the gifts they have received (worship leading, developing children’s programmes, etc.).

The mission part of the department has to do with coordinating the evangelism efforts and programmes. You could say that a church would not need a specific department for evangelisation, because everything a church does is evangelisation. Telling others the story of the good news of the gospel and many activities where people are invited to join them in a live according to the Bible. Still it is important that these activities are coordinated and that members are inspirered to witness of their faith.

The focus of mission is mainly on training the members to have a better understanding of their faith. But also to train them in how to share their faith on a personal level and to help them plan new churches.

David Carballo has been elected to be the director of this department of Training & Mission.


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