The Adventist Church is able to be an active and growing church because its members are generous and provide the necessary means. A relatively small part of what members donate to the church remains in the local congregation. The largest part of the church’s income is centrally managed. Salaries of pastors and employees are mainly paid from that.

Regular audits are performed at all levels of the church organisation. These are done by the General Conference Auditing Services (GCAS)

The church buildings of the Belgian-Luxembourg Conference are exploited as good as possible. Regular tithes and offerings are not allowed to be used for that purpose.

It is practice that church members donate their tithes and offerings to the local treasurer, either by bank transfer of via the offering basket in church.

The tithes are then transferred by the local treasurer to the office of the Belgian-Luxembourg Conference. The other offerings either remain in the local church or are also transferred, depending on the reason they were given.

Some people prefer to donate their tithes directly to the office of the Conference. The bank account which is used for that is:

IBAN: BE47 3100 1698 4180

Please indicate clearly whether the transfer is for tithes or offerings. In the case of offerings, please indicate the purpose.

Christian Sabot has been elected as the treasurer for the Conference.

Financial Statement GCAS 2015


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