Fede-Info October 2019

Fédé-Info octobre 2019After several months of absence, here is the Fede-Info of the new mandate. Indeed, last June the quadrennial Administrative Assembly was held. You will find the details in the news pages of the Federation and the presentation of the newcomers to the federal landscape. This edition will also showcase the many activities of the Youth. Finally, some news from local churches will testify to the dynamism and commitment of our members. All this without forgetting the introductory words of re-elected president Jeroen Tuinstra, whose editorial will drive the reader to action and reflection.

Fede-Info October 2019 French EditionDutch Edition

Fede-Info March 2019

For the first issue of 2019, the Fede-Info reviews several events that marked the end of 2018, such as the October spiritual congress, the congress of the Youth or the pastoral on the theme of non-violence in the Netherlands . This edition obviously pays tribute to our colleague and friend, Michel Mayeur, who passed away last November. This beginning of the year was marked by several trainings for youth and children’s leaders, as well as the traditional ‘Afternoon of the Biblical Enigma’. Finally, you will discover some projects of ADRA Luxembourg and some local initiatives that show once again that our two small countries are at work to advance the Gospel.

Fédé-Info mars 2019 (French edition)
Fede-Info maart 2019 (Dutch edition)

Fede-Info October 2018

The Fede-Info is back and you can follow the many activities of our Conference but also outside our borders, for starters the news from session of the Franco-Belgian Union where they have elected new leadership for the coming 5 years. Many changes have taken place in the pastoral team and in the churches, which you can read in the Administration section. The departmens Youth and Children’s ministries have been busy the last few months and they give news of their spring and summer activities. There are several churches that share their news too. Finally you will also find editorial of Carlos Rivero, head of the department Training and Mission, and the calender of the Conference activities of 2019.

Fede-Info oktober 2018 – Dutch
Fédé-Info octobre 2018 – French

Fede-Info October 2016

The Fede-Info of October 2016. In this issue a report of the General Assembly on the 12th of june 2016. An interview with Mihai Morcov, chaplain in the prison of Vorst, Brussels. An introduction of the new ADRA country director, Jonathan Lo Buglio. Reports of two special baptisms in the churches of Esch, Luxembourg and the Romanian church in Brussels. Reports of the summer camps of Adventist Youth, including the Union Camporee. And off course much more.

The Fede-Info is a news bulletin of the Conference and is published about 3 times a year. It is only published in French or Dutch. You can obtain a printed copy via the secretary of your local church.

Fede-Info oktober 2016 – Dutch
Fédé-Info octobre 2016 – French