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Working for the Belgian-Luxembourg Conference means that you will be working for a church. The conference almost exclusively offers the position of pastor. At this moment there are 13 pastors working for us, 2 of them parttime. 3 more people work at the headquarters of the conference, 2 secretaries and 1 treasurer. Of all our employees we expect them to have the proper competences and share our values and faith as a church.

I want to become a pastor in the conference, how?

Being a pastor is not just any job, it is a calling, a deep sense that God has called you to serve the church and its members. It is fun, challenging and varied work, but you also have to make sacrifices. The salary is low in comparison to the requirements and the position of the job. You make a lot of hours, the work can be accompanied with the fair share of criticism. On the other hand you have a lot of liberty in deciding your work hours. You share the highlights of the members’ live: birth, marriage, baptism, etc. And due to the church’s international network, there are many possiblities to travel around the world. And off course it gives an enormous satisfaction when you can be part of the faith development of your church members.

Off course pastors need to have the proper education. We expect a minimum of a Masters degree in a relevant subject (theology, pastoral care, Adventist education, etc.). We also expect that a part of your education has been finished at an Adventist educational institution in Europe, with the preference for Campus Adventiste du Saleve, Hochschule Friedensau or Newbold College. These are not the cheapest places to study, so you can ask the conference for financial help.

After your degree there is an interview and internship. In the Adventist Church, you always apply for the job with the conference and not with the local church. The Human Resources Committee will inspect your application and perform the interview. They will give a positive or negative advice to the conference board. If they agree, then you will be hired on a temporary contract. During your two year internship you will keep this temporary contract. After that, if everything goes well, you will be hired as a licensed pastor.

I have already worked for many year and want to become a pastor.

If you have already worked for many years in another job and receive the call to become a pastor at a late age (also called a late-calling), then there is a slightly different path to follow. We still expect you to have a Masters in a relevant subject. Most with a late-calling do not have this  and they need to earn a Masters at one of our Adventist universities in Europe. These universities have different programmes to accomodate these late-callings. After you have earned your Masters in the relevant subject, the normal application procedure applies. Your internship will be shorter though, 1 year.

Are there any other job opportunities?

The Belgian-Luxembourg Conference is only small and only has limited job opportunities. But the conference is part of a large international network of Adventist institutions  and churches. Below you will find some job opportunities at these institutions. For further questions you can always contact us with the contactform.

Job Opportunities:

ADRA Belgium recrute – message Jacques Rase

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