Bible Studies

ESDA and IEBC would like to offer approachable and free courses to people, who at their own pace want to learn more about for example, archeology, health and the Bible.

One of the objectives of ESDA and IEBC is to increase the knowledge about the Bible in Belgium and Luxembourg. Which is done by offering free courses without any obligation in the areas of the Bible, archeology, health and more.

The courses are written in such a way that they can be done independently and on your own tempo. Many courses have already proven effective in written form. New web-based courses are written to expand the offer with as current themes as possible.

These courses are offered for free without any obligation and can be followed in your own tempo. In the future more courses will be made available on the web.

We wish you much happiness in following the different courses and you can make your application down below.

For French courses: IEBC
For Dutch courses: ESDA
For English courses: Adventist Discovery Centre

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