Conference advises to close churches

At the end of last year, a new coronavirus (Covid-19) broke out in the Wuhan region of China. After it appeared in several European countries, cases of the new coronavirus have also been discovered in Belgium. The Belgian and Luxembourg health authorities are doing their utmost to further prevent the spread of the virus. Developments surrounding the coronavirus have accelerated in the past week. Various agencies, associations and events are closing or have been canceled. In the surrounding countries, several churches have already decided to close the doors and take maximum precautions. The Inter-European Division has also decided to suspend or cancel all its events and meetings.

The Conference states that it is important to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus and to put the health of other people first, according to a circular sent to all congregations. “In our churches, different risk groups come together and in that light we would therefore advise to cancel all meetings and worship services until further notice from next Sabbath 14 March. This also applies to the activities of the youth. Also, all planned activities of the Conference will be postponed or canceled, including Global Youth Day. ”

The Conference also acknowledges that this advice poses the necessary challenges for the local municipalities. She therefore indicates that she wants to offer alternatives to worship in the coming week. The chairman, Jeroen Tuinstra, concluded the circular saying: “Use the coming Sabbaths for prayer, meditation and Bible study, individually or in the family. Remember all those who are sick. Despite this time of uncertainty and fear, we can rest in the certainty that God never leaves his people alone. ”

The advice comes after the Conference circulated a week earlier with various advice on how to defend against the virus and prevent the virus from spreading.

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