Full archive of “Revue Adventiste” available

The complete archive of the church magazine “Revue Adventiste” is now available online. 1891 magazines from January 1900 to December 2022 have been scanned in and are available free of charge to the public. Pedro Torres, in charge of the communications pillar at the Franco-Belgian Union made the announcement via email today.

The archive encompasses more than 25 Gigabytes of information. The journals are organised by decade and thus constitute an excellent tool to study history of the Adventist Church in our territory. Not only can the journals be read online, but you can also download them and print them if necessary.

The “Revue Adventiste” is the official magazine of the Franco-Belgian Union. Recently, the magazine has partnered with “Adventist World”, the official mission-oriented magazine of the General Conference, so you now get both magazines in one French-language magazine.

You can search the archive here. ARCHIVE – Revue Adventiste

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