Yves Pierre elected as new president

The old and new president

The General Assembly of the Belgian-Luxembourg Federation will be held from 17 to 21 May. On the first full day of the assembly, delegates overwhelmingly elected Yves PIERRE as the new president. Yves is pastor of the church in Charleroi, Brussels-Centre and of the French-speaking African Church of Botanique in Brussels. He is 49 years old, with three children and 20 years of service as a pastor. He is much appreciated by his colleagues and the delegates also thanked him with a hearty round of applause.

With the election of a new president, a farewell was also said to his predecessor, Jeroen TUINSTRA. Jeroen has been president for 10 years and presented his last report in the morning. Jeroen also gave a prayer to ask for a blessing for the new president and his future team.

The nominations committee led by the President of the Franco-Belgian Union, Ruben DE ABREU, continued its work to appoint the other positions, including the Secretary General and the Treasurer.

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