Communiqué of the Advent Youth

The youth department has made the following decisions regarding youth activities:

No activities
As you may know, the French, Belgian and Luxembourg governments have taken important steps in recent days to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the health situation. This affects everyone, but especially children who generally spread viruses easily. Even if they are not the most ill, we must make arrangements to follow up on these decisions. As a result, all activities are canceled or suspended until at least the end of April. The details can be found below.

Activities of local groups
All activities of local groups (both weekends and during the week) will be suspended until further notice. This also includes short stays that some groups have planned.

Global Youth Day
Global Youth Day on March 21 will be canceled. The two European AY divisions have just canceled the planned promotions and the live TV broadcast.

AMICUS 2020 in Collonges
The meeting of Adventist students AMICUS 2020 in Collonges during the Easter weekend is canceled. No replacement date is planned at this time.

AY prayer week
The planned AY prayer week in March is canceled to follow up on the closing of the churches.

UFBJA and its affiliated federations (FFJAN, FFJAS, FBLJA) are closely monitoring the development of the health situation in its territory to determine the duration of this preventive cessation of activities in the coming days. We are aware of the difficulties this poses to local groups and young people. Let us remain confident and ensure that we always keep in touch with the children and young people we guide through social networks and telephone.

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