Fede-Info December 2020

Fédé-Info décembre 2020Here we are at the end of a very special year. However, despite the limits imposed by the health crisis, you will discover in this Fede-Info how the churches have adapted to continue to support our Federation. This important chapter will not, however, erase the memory of all those to whom we had to say goodbye and this issue pays a more special tribute to two of our past pastors: Rosa Saveniers and Roger Lenoir. In Federation news, you will also discover the faces of our four new pastors and the changes in pastoral assignments. Finally, our president’s editorial, Jeroen Tuinstra, will give you a chance to reflect on the conspiracy theories that abound right now, both in the world press and in our Church. Enjoy reading.

Fede-Info December 2020 – French Edition

Fede-Info December 2020 – Dutch Edition

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