Elders Meeting

Rencontre des anciensOf course, the Covid has changed our way of living as well as our way of understanding the Church. From the obligation to stay at home to a few attempts to resume face-to-face meetings as best they can, the Churches have had to reinvent themselves, innovate and develop their creativity.

At the end of October, during two meetings in which a large number of elders and pastors participated, each person in charge was able to reflect on the experience of the past few months.

The word that was cited the most during these two meetings is undoubtedly “Zoom”. This tool, intended for online meetings, allowed all the churches represented to keep in touch, to organize Sabbath schools for all ages, prayer meetings, more administrative or organizational meetings without forgetting the moments of cult, also relayed by other platforms. But although this way of doing things has been the majority, it is far from being perfect and has shown its limits, either by lack of connection means among some members, or by weariness of constantly staying in front of a screen, or even by the limitation even from a remote connection, that is, without friendly physical contact.

And that is what was most lacking. The joy of meeting face-to-face, of being able to share hugs and meals, to feel human warmth during a prayer, to be able to hear one’s neighbor sing the same hymn, to carry out baptisms without fear of contamination.

Since July, about 70% of our communities have attempted partial reopening, both liturgical and social. Often outdoors, in a garden, in a park, during nature walks. But the drop in temperatures and the sharp rise in contamination got the better of these rural initiatives.

Today more than ever, isolation threatens us. Even more since the compulsory closure of our places of worship scheduled for at least mid-December. It is essential to make considerable efforts in order to renew contact with all our members, without forgetting young people and children. Computer tools will be able to help us there while waiting for better days!

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