New students?

From May 1 to 5, a dozen (young) adults from our Federation traveled to Collonges in the company of Yves Pierre to discover the ‘Campus Adventiste du Salève’.

For more than 100 years, what used to be called ‘Le Séminaire’ has been teaching many students here, especially in theology, but also in humanities and French courses for foreign students.

The visit began with a tour of the facilities on a very open, green campus, with Mont Salève on one side and the plains and Lake Geneva on the other. One of the main objectives was to attend some theology classes and meet the professors in order to get a better understanding of student life and the many opportunities the campus offers. These exchanges were very fruitful and have already given our young people much food for thought.

Of course, when visiting Collonges, it would be a shame not to also discover the Savoy region and the city of Geneva, cradle of the Reformation. Not to mention the Salève, which offers stunning views of the Chamonix valley, provided the weather cooperates.

On Sabbath morning, our young people were able to attend the “Oasis” service, an occasional service offered especially for young people by young people. At the end of their stay, they were able to assess their visit and spend some time with the other students on campus.

Will our young people make the leap and enroll for a year or more of college? In any case, this visit gave them a chance to ask questions, talk with other young people their own age and with their potential teachers, and why not, to leave room for a call from “above.” The future will tell.

Here are some of their reactions:

Abi: We had a great time at Campus Adventiste du Salève. The family atmosphere of the campus and the courses and the natural environment made it a great place to get to know God and meet new people. The atmosphere there did not leave me indifferent. In fact, the gathering of so many young and not so young people, during classes, on Sabbath or even in the cafeteria, really touched me. It was like going to a school where we all understood each other because we shared our faith. Which is pretty intimate when you think about it….

 Benjamin: One of my best weekends ever. Fun group, great atmosphere, fantastic place with the most beautiful view ever, interesting classes, top activities, great food, good organization and much more. You are surrounded by religious people and that also makes the atmosphere even better. Really recommended for a fun and informative visit.

Ruben: For me, Collonges was an oasis of peace in beautiful nature, where young and old can receive a customized education and study God’s Word together. It is a university with a rich history since 1893 that tries to be socially relevant according to Adventist principles. In short, worth a visit at the foot of Salève!

Dimitri: What a great feeling it was to see everyone so radiant! The fun really splashed off, and who knows, maybe we secretly sparked some curiosity for theology. All in all, a top-notch weekend!

Thimna: I really enjoyed the courses and the special youth Sabbath. It is good to see that we are not the only young Adventists.

Linda: I enjoyed everything and hope to return here again for another experience!

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