Radio, a medium among others

Every communicator knows that for information to get through, it needs to be transmitted via a variety of media. Some people are more sensitive to visual information, while others retain better what they hear. The majority of young people are found on a number of social networks; adults prefer other platforms. Some may prefer paper, others may opt for the screen… And it is only by combining these different methods and means of broadcasting that a piece of information has the best chance of reaching its target audience.

Among these many media, of course, we have radio!

On May 7, Stéphane Vincent, Director of Hope Radio and AWR Francophonie, joined some members of the federal team for a working and consultation meeting. On the agenda was the possibility of re-establishing a radio station in Belgium in the years to come. The elders among us no doubt remember Radio Maranatha, which broadcast in the Brussels region in the 1980s (see Centenary of the Federation). But in 40 years, a lot has changed… So before even dreaming of such a project, we need to ask ourselves the right questions, get information from the competent authorities, understand the mechanisms for setting up, programming and broadcasting, estimate the costs, and identify competent, available and motivated human resources…


Hope Radio currently broadcasts to 7 cities in France and Switzerland. 60% of the program is Gospel music. It is this aspect that has enabled Hope Radio to carve out an official place for itself in the crowded landscape of radio airwaves. The remaining 40% is dedicated to news and information, as well as talk shows on topics ranging from spiritual, cultural, humanitarian, scientific and culinary themes to health and well-being.

If a broadcasting opportunity were to open up in the future, we could benefit from Hope Radio’s podcasts, which already include a large audio collection. But of course, the particularity of our Federation is rooted in its linguistic and cultural diversity, and this aspect must not be overlooked in our reflections.

In the coming weeks and months, Stéphane will look into all the technical, administrative, practical and financial aspects of this project. In the process, the Federation will surely offer training in communication techniques.

So let’s keep in touch!

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