Reorganization of Pastoral assignments

Following various departures and nominations by the General Assembly, a reorganization of pastoral tasks was necessary.

The result of this reorganization can be found in the ‘Our Organization’ tab. You will also notice that many French-speaking pastors have a significant number of churches under their care. To prevent an impossible void, it was decided to apply a principle of rotation, allowing some churches to somehow remain independent for a period of time.

On the Dutch-speaking side, the Federation is actively seeking for qualified pastors, but this process takes time because the obligation to master the language of Guido Gezelle, makes the search very difficult.

It should also be noted that the second year of Jérôme Raucy’s internship has been validated; His status has been changed from intern to authorized pastor. The first year of Thirza van den Broek and Marcelo Reis’ internship will be evaluated soon.

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