Major changes in the pastoral team

In one year time, the Pastoral Corps has lost a quarter of its staff.

The first departure was that of Philippe Leduc, who was asked to coordinate the Education Pillar at the level of the Franco-Belgian Union (See accompanying article). For over the past eight years, Philippe  has become one of the local driving force of our Federation and has invested both in the Youth Department, in the projects and events of the Federation. The Franco-belgian Union has as its primary mission to support the federations on its territory and Philippe embodies these objectives perfectly. So we will see him regulary in our midst. Fortunately, this departure is not a goodbye…

Last summer we said goodbye to Luc Delameillieure, who after almost 40 years of pastoral ministry, now is going on a well-deserved retirement. Luc served many churches, both in the French-speaking and in the Dutch-speaking part of the country. He was also the 14the president of our Federation. During his Chairman’s mandate, Luc had the audacity to propose a new way of working as e  federal team, something that seems obvious today for us whom knos the work in the AdCom, but which was far from a winning case at that time. Luc then took over the Youth Department, where he made his mark by organizing important events and also by  carrying out huge amount of work that allowed the AY to strenghten its administrative side through the creation of the two non-profit organizations. Although he has been away from the spotlight in the recent years, he has continued to support the Federation, especially as an assistant to the pastoral ministry. Granddad Luc, now has free hands to take care of his children and three grandchildren. A thank you to Luc for his qualities both human and administrative. We wish him a happy retirement.

A third departure is that of Dussan Cevallos who chose to end the pastoral ministry and to return to one of his passions: teaching. He also resumed his job as a graphic designer. The desire to pass it on can always be found in the sermons he continues to preach in the Dutch-speaking part of the country, with the enthusiasm that characterizes him. So thank you to Dussan for the two years of pastoral service.

More recently, Jeroen Tuinstra also withdrew himself from the pastoral ministry after more than 20 years of service, of which 10 years as president, which is almost a record in our Federation.  We will remember his speeches, articles, and sermons, engaged and relevant, not hesitating to shake things up to make people think, to challenge them to move forward, and to let the biblical text speak to understand it better. Some of his sermons can be found on the YouTube channel of the Church of Antwerp. As for the editorials of the Fédé Info, they are available in the Resources tab. His Chairman’s mandate was also marked by a finesse of analysis of files and people, making him a chairman close to his team and a confidant for several of his colleagues. Behind the scenes of his office, Jeroen has also worked on strengthening the professionalism of the Federation, developing and drafting numerous operational protocols or administrative procedures. He also worked on structuring and updating the entire computer system, including the ‘Lambertine’ meeting room. Jeroen has always been interested in IT and it is in this sector that he currently works. We express to him our deep gratitude for accepting this position, or to put it more bluntly, this office, for carrying it with dedication and self-sacrifice. Thank you Jeroen!

In order to strengthen the pastoral team somewhat, the Federation has called on Eliezer Oliveira who, as a missionary, is now looking after the two churches on Rue Brogniez and the Nosso Refugio group. We’ll be getting to know him better in a forthcoming article.

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