Message from the General Conference President

Ted N.C. Wilson, General Conference President (GC).

My best fraternal greetings, as well as my encouragement to all our dear members of the territory of the Franco-Belgian Union.

We live in the times that precede the return of Christ. What a privilege to participate in the proclamation of the Three Angels’ message of Revelation 14, even in the confusion of the COVID-19 pandemic of the Coronavirus. God will help you to be courageous witnesses, by showing our contemporaries the way of hope that we have in Christ. May the reading of the Bible and the Spirit of prophecy encourage you, as you realize that we really live in the tip of the toes of prophecy represented by the statue of Daniel 2. The return of Jesus is imminent. He wants you to share his precious message in every possible way with your neighbors, friends and relatives, on the territory of the Franco-Belgian Union.

Focus on comforting biblical texts, such as Psalm 46: 1, Isaiah 26: 3, II Timothy 1: 7, and many other promises that assure us that God is in control and that we can rely entirely on him. . Maintain your spiritual life by studying the Bible, studying the Spirit of prophecy and fervent prayer. By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, during this pandemic and beyond, be a stabilizing anchor and a pillar that holds hope, for God gives you his strength. Take part in the Total Member Involvement (TMI): all rooted in Christ, do everything we can for Him. Do it appropriately to meet the public health requirements that must be scrupulously observed during this pandemic. To stay as healthy as possible, personally follow the eight natural laws of health, and thus maintain a good immune system: (1.) Eat a balanced diet and avoid harmful foods such as those with a high sugar content. (2.) If possible, exercise. (3.) Drink lots of water. (4.) As much as possible, get some sun. (5.) Adopt a balanced lifestyle by showing self-control. (6.) Breathe a lot of fresh air. (7.) Get enough rest. (8.) trust in the power of God, to support you not only physically, but also mentally, socially and spiritually.

My dear friends, stay in touch with God all the time. Valorize Christ, his Word, his justice, his service in the sanctuary, his saving power in the great conflict, the three angels’ message, his message of health, his final mission for the world. Advocate for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, and the coming return of Christ. Take part in the 100 days of prayer from March 27 to July 4, 2020, a special occasion to unite in prayer to members around the world around the theme “Calling to Jesus aware of our urgent need”. To participate, register at Be of good courage, brothers and sisters of the Franco-Belgian Union. Your world family joins you in praying for the Lord’s return soon. Then we will be in heaven in a perfect setting with our Creator, our Redeemer, our Master Doctor, our King and our best friend, Jesus Christ!

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