ADRA-Belgium and the Conference join forces with National Solidarity Plan

The Belgian-Luxembourg Conference and ADRA-Belgium have joined forces to give concrete assistance with help options for churches in this time of crisis. The “National Solidarity Plan”, prepared by ADRA-Belgium and in collaboration with the Conference, the General Conference and ADRA-International, provides financial support and projects for three particularly vulnerable groups: the homeless, refugees and isolated elderly.

Churches and groups are called with this plan to join or start solidarity projects. Specifically, this could include shopping or going to the pharmacy for people who are isolated, cooking meals at home for the homeless or refugees. The plan emphasizes that any solidarity project must follow the necessary government guidelines and restrictions.

In addition to financial support, the “National Solidarity Plan” also provides tips and directions on how to keep in touch with each other in other ways. “We are convinced that this unprecedented crisis is also an opportunity to mobilize the Adventist community to fulfill the gospel message by testifying to their unconditional love for God,” said the “National Solidarity Plan.”

The “National Solidarity Plan” provides financial support for transport costs, purchase of protective equipment and any concrete costs related to the project. This aid is given on conditions of transparency, regular feedback and certain maximum amounts. Applications for support are assessed by ADRA-Belgium and can be requested via [email protected].

Nationaal SolidariteitPlan (in Dutch)
Plan National de Solidarité (in French)

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