New team at the Federation

Christian Sabot, Treasurer and Fabio Luna, General Secretary

During its second full day, the General Assembly of the Belgian-Luxembourg Federation elected an entirely new team. With the exception of the treasurer, Christian Sabot, who was overwhelmingly re-elected, all other posts were renewed. Fabio Luna was elected as the General Secretary. The post was first held by Edouard Ajinça, who unfortunately could not attend the meeting in person, due to a foot injury. Fabio is 38, married with 2 children and is the pastor of Namur and the French-speaking group in Geraardsbergen.

For the Youth & Family pillar, Jérôme Raucy was elected as coordinator. Jérôme is 42, married with 3 children and is still in his internship period in Woluwe. He replaces Philippe Leduc who was elected head of the Education & Youth pillar at the Franco-Belgian Union 2 weeks earlier. David Carballo was elected coordinator of the Formation & Mission pillar. He is 37, with a daughter and is responsible for the Spanish-speaking churches Bizet and Antwerp and Brussels International. He replaces Ricardo Pereira, pastor of the Portuguese-speaking church in Brussels, the Ghanaian church in Antwerp and the International group in Ghent.

New Federation Board 2023-2027 (not complete)

During the last day, the new Federation Board was also appointed. For the first time in the federation’s history, six women were appointed to the board. A total of 13 members are on the board, counting the chairman, treasurer, secretary and the 2 pillar coordinators. The old board, president, general secretary and heads of the pillars were once again thanked for their commitment dedication to the work of the church over the past mandate. The president of the Franco-Belgian Union then asked for a blessing for the new board.

The day and the General Assembly finally ended with a word from the new president, Yves Pierre. He began his speech in Dutch which was particularly appreciated by the audience. Furthermore, he expressed his search for the unity of the church and, above all, his desire to listen carefully to all the different members in the church. Finally, Roberto Bandenas, former professor of theology at our university in Collonges-sous-Salève, was allowed to close the day with a reflection. Roberto provided spiritual moments at various times throughout the meeting, kindly reminding the delegates what the church actually stands for.

We can look back on a particularly well-run meeting. All reports and appointments were approved with overwhelming majorities and there was no tension in the room, which has been different in the past.

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