Three days of pastoral encounters in nature

When we think of pastors as a group, we sometimes use the term “pastoral corps”. A fine image indeed! Yet reality shows that pastors are more often than not small islands isolated in the middle of an ocean of work, leaving them little time to meet their peers.

So it was with great pleasure that our pastoral corps gathered from June 12 to 14 in a charming rustic chalet nestled in the village of Barvaux.

On the agenda: work sessions, of course, with a sprinkling of team-building moments, particularly during meal preparation. During these three days, minds and hearts were challenged by a crucial topic: the approach and evangelization of the secularized population.  Under the guidance of Jonathan Contero, Assistant Director at the General Conference of Global Mission’s Center for the Study of Secularized and Post-Modern People, crucial questions were raised, debates were launched, moments of exchange were sparked…

On the basis of these reflections, ideas for concrete projects were put forward, with the aim of going beyond mere discussions and grounding ourselves in reality. We’ll be developing this topic in the weeks to come.

Let’s not forget that a first project has already been active for several months: the Nosso Refugio group, which already brings together convinced Christians and secular people in quest. (see previous article)

The pastoral program ended with a walk in the Ardennes forest to take a breath of fresh air before returning to our respective regions.

Let’s not forget to support our pastors, both with our prayers and with our kind support.

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