Union opens special page on situation in the Ukraine

The French-Belgian Union has opened a special section on its news website (Adventist News Network) with news reports about the war in Ukraine. In the past week we have all witnessed the escalating war in Ukraine. More than 1 million people have fled the country since the war began and there have been many casualties.

ADRA-Belgium, Luxembourg and France have set up a special fundraising campaign to support ADRA in Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine in helping the many refugees. In particular, food, clothing and warm meals are distributed among the refugees and the population.

The Adventist Church in Belgium and Luxembourg has many Ukrainians and Russians among its members who have family in the conflict area. The president of the Federation therefore called for a special intercession for the situation in Ukraine, but also a call for neighbourly love. “Let us pray that we do not see each other as enemies but as brothers and sisters in Christ, and in this way we may find support from each other,” said a letter to all Adventist churches in the Federation.

Letter to all Adventist churches in the Federation in Dutch and French

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